Brand Building Events

BFM Movimiento specializes in creating, developing, and managing LIVE experiential campaigns. Our way of thinking, okay is not okay, and good is not good enough.  We go way beyond the extra mile for you. A clear mindset where we ponder the solutions to build your brand excitement.  You won't face any cookie cutters or cliches here.  Only original, customized thinking you can revel in. We bring your brand to life by engaging the consumer through relevant sports and entertainment strategies. Our award is your pull-shelf demand in the marketplace.

With an understanding of your corporate objectives and parameters, BFM Movimiento has the proven ability and successful experience to develop and orchestrate targeted event marketing programs for your brand.  Admired as an industry innovator, BFM Movimiento has created and executed many successful events including:

  • Cinco De Mayo Festival - NYC over 800,000 in attendance
  • Marcos Diaz 2X Around Manhattan
  • Red Bull Batalla De Los Gallos
  • Red Bull Futbol De Calle
  • Sanky Panky Film Premiere
  • Manny Acta /World Baseball Classic-Dominican Republic Team
  • Dominican Sports Foundation
  • Juegos Patrios
  • Aventura KOB Live Record Release
  • Red Bull New York/Nike FC Magia Soccer Tour
  • Latinas Don't PMS Theater Series
  • 1-800-Collect Hispanic Festival Series
  • Fiesta En La Playa Music Series